UK Company Formation

Forming either a limited company in the UK or a limited partnership in Scotland is a well known alternative to company formation in other European countries.

UK company formation - Form a company in the UK

UK limited company formation (Ltd)

  • Online UK limited company formation within hours
  • No documents to sign & send
  • Directors & shareholders may be from anywhere in the world
  • Sole director permitted
  • May do business anywhere worldwide
  • A limited company may issue shares
  • Minimum share capital only 1.00 GBP (1,10 EUR)
  • Asset protection
  • Freedom of establishment within the EU
Most companies formed in the UK are limited companies. As the name "limited company" already suggests, the owners liability is limited to the amount contributed (or owed) to the company in the event of business failure.

Scottish limited partnership (LP) formation

  • Most flexible type of company in the UK
  • May do business anywhere worldwide
  • The minimum number of partner is 2
  • Partners may be natural persons or corporate entities
  • Capital contribution at partners discretion
  • Liability limited to amount of contribution (limited partner)
  • A Scottish Limited Partnership is not subject to corporation tax
  • Filing accounts not required
  • Fiscally transparent entity
A Scottish limited partnerships (LP's) is widely known as suitable vehicle for group structures and investments. Unlike limited liability partnerships formed in England & Wales, a Scottish Limited partnership has separate legal personality.

Why form a company in the UK?

Non-EU clients can easily access the European market by forming a limited company in the UK. The English and Scottish company laws provide a reliable legal framework for both European and international entrepreneurs.

Freedom of (corporate) establishment within the EU

One of the major advantages of the European Union is that anyone has the right to form a company in an EU country which has less bureaucracy - like the UK - and do business in another, possibly high regulated, EU country. The most important EU judgements regarding legally bypassing local company requirements can be found here:
Form a company in the UK - do business locally.